UV-LED irradiation unit (Line type), Jan.-2017

The series consists of modular UV light sources that are optimally designed and developed to satisfy the stringent demands of UV curing and printing and numerous commercial and industrial applications. This ideal light source technology has been sought as an alternative to conventional lamp-based UV light sources.

1800K Ultra Warm CCT Launched, Oct.-2016

Are you chasing unique light for clients ? How about CCT1800K ?

One of my valued clients, MODALIGHT enabling on her GLOWDIM and Dynamic Warm Cove products.

T8 18W LED Yellow Light Tubes, Mar.-2016

The LUMINLITE T8 LED yellow light tubes are specially developed for UV-photo sensible applications to blocks light below 500 nm.With tight spectrum control, this tubes block all light from 0 to 520 nm for a completely UV-protected environment without compromising the illuminance needed to allow people to perform tasks comfortably,effectively and safely.
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