3030 LED 2200K~4000K Ra95+, Jan.-2020


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3030 RGB LED launched, Sep.-2020

Good color uniformity
Small package with high efficiency
Low voltage operation
Long operation life
Compact light source
R, G, B three color in one package
Lead free reflow soldering
RoHS compliant
Viewing angle: 120°

DRLs module, Aug.-2018

We’ve recently introduced a new line of Custom LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) module for automotive aftermarket.

TM30-15, Jul.-2018

Data updated, 1800K~6500K CRI>95

High Bay Luminaries launched, Aug.-2018

UFO High bay, Blue GhostTM High bay, Magicline High bay

High efficacy(130~150LM/W)
Suitable for 4 ~30 meters lighting
D-Mark tested
Options:dimmable,microwave sensor, zigbee

5630 Static Color Type, May.-2018

2017~2018, we made more new colors Navy Blue & Vibrant Orange for one of key clients, MODALIGHT.

3030 LED launched Apr.-2018

Spec:1.0W 3V,6V,9V,18V 2700~4000K Ra90+
High efficacy and lumen per dollar
Industry standard form factors and footprint
ANSI compliant color bins
Excellent lumen maintenance
Broad range of CCT and CRI configurations

Custom Plant Grow House Built, Apr.-2018

Year Built: 2018
Status: Completed and Constructed
Location: Nantou, TAIWAN
Size SQM: 394.38
System: Intelligent Environment Control

Integrated horticultural Tube, Jan.-2018

The Series, which replaces traditional horticultural Lights, not R.G.B.UV combination but single chip with full spectrum. This is an ideal horticultural light source for cannabis, leafy greens, seedlings, vegetative growth.

Color inspection light engine, Oct.-2017

Application: Diamond 4Cs inspection
CCT dimmable (3000K-7500K)

Moth Repellent T8 LED tube, May.-2017

Less attractive to moths without killing them, make moths have more trouble seeing it than they otherwise would, breeding interference.

UV-LED irradiation unit (Line type), Jan.-2017

The series consists of modular UV light sources that are optimally designed and developed to satisfy the stringent demands of UV curing and printing and numerous commercial and industrial applications. This ideal light source technology has been sought as an alternative to conventional lamp-based UV light sources.

1800K Ultra Warm CCT Launched, Oct.-2016

Are you chasing unique light for clients ? How about CCT1800K ?

One of my valued clients, MODALIGHT enabling on her GLOWDIM and Dynamic Warm Cove products.

T8 18W LED Yellow Light Tubes, Mar.-2016

The LUMINLITE T8 LED yellow light tubes are specially developed for UV-photo sensible applications to blocks light below 500 nm.With tight spectrum control, this tubes block all light from 0 to 520 nm for a completely UV-protected environment without compromising the illuminance needed to allow people to perform tasks comfortably,effectively and safely.