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Create something different

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The reputation that guides the company is focused on supplying innovative solutions for lighting professionals. The company continuously brings new innovations and state-of-the lighting solutions to market. Thanks to the in-depth expertise and knowhow in vertical lighting applications, leading luminaire manufacturers, architects, electrical and lighting planners, electrical installers and wholesalers rely on Luminlite for a lighting needs. Couple our focus on design and innovation with our rigorous testing & quality control as well as our unsurpassed level of customer service and technical assistance, and we hope our passionate commitment to you and all our industry partners is evident in everything we do. We provide the best service in the industry, through well-trained and knowledgeable staff, and policies that always place convenience first for our customers.

SMD Package

Luminlite is proudly 'Made in TAIWAN'. Our 8,495 sq. ft. facility includes our office, full-scale factory, testing lab and warehouse. Our company is sized to be both reliable and flexible. We are large enough to operate a fully-equipped metal-working factory, yet small enough to communicate quickly, work efficiently, cross-train our employees, and modify products.

Customize = Light + Art + Technology + Science

By designing all products inside the company, Luminlite maintains control over components that go into each product. In collaboration with sales and marketing department, Luminlite's R&D team listens and develops products that costumers are looking for, with quality and functionality for maximum pleasure. Only when stringent design and quality parameters are met, products go to production.

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We understand that your product is your reputation, and you need a manufacturing partner

who is on schedule, on budget, honest, responsive, and builds it right the first time.

We’re proud to say “Made In TAIWAN”, and you will be, too.